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We are your newest source for guns and ammunition in Northwest New Jersey.

Guns - Looking for a new or used firearm,? Give us a try, we can get it for you at very competitive prices.

Have any guns you are looking to sell? We buy single guns as well as entire collections. We love old guns!

Ammunition - We stock all common calibers as well as some of the harder to find calibers. A good selection of hunting ammo is also in stock. We carry Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, CCI, Prvi Partizan, PPU, Fiocchi, PMC, Magtech as well as other brands.

Conveniently located on route 23 north in Oak Ridge, New Jersey just past the Paradise road traffic light and across from Pizza Station. Stop by on your way to the Cherry Ridge Range.

Hunting ammo

Gun Accessories

Target and Self Defense Ammo